C. 61 Katherine Offices

ground floor plan


The existing office building on 61 Katherine Street, Sandton was to be refurbished to create modern office space inside the 1950s building. Ten levels of office space and four basement parking levels. There are three lift and stair cores and a proposed new coffee shop, meeting rooms and gym on the ground floor. The beautiful multi-volume atrium with a skylight roof and all columns cladded in cherry wood timber makes for an magnificent central space.

first floor plan


The refurbishment project was a risk for the property developers as no new occupants of the building had been found then. There could be one tenant to occupy the building or it could be a multi tenant building. Therefore the concept was to focus on design of the communal areas (atrium, WCs, lifts, lobbies, terraces) and ensure that all technical installations were up to standard. Additional parking was created on the ground floor as well as repairs made to the exterior glazing. Two new feature panels on the facade were added to define the buildings main entrance points from the exterior.



The renderes were outsourced to an external company who specializes in architectural renders. The renders clearly show what were the final decisions for the scope of works document. The common vision shown in the renders is what was presented to all members of the construction team before construction began. I was responsible for converting design sketch work in to the Revit model of the building; attending meetings and co-ordinating work between contractors, engineers and clients; preparing demolition drawings; preparing approved South African building council drawings; making construction detailing drawings.

axo below

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