E. Santos Hotel

first impression


Katendrecht, Rotterdam



The project was my first introduction to building restoration and dealing with the combination of architectural intervention, building technology and cultural value. Much debate was had during the studio about the compositional elements and elements of significance and how the two ideas are linked.

ground floor plans


  • -1 Basement floor: wellness centre
  • 00 Ground floor: restaurant and hotel lobby
  • 01 - 04 First to fourth floor: hotel rooms
  • 05 Fifth floor: meeting rooms and services
  • 06 Sixth floor: conference centre
  • 07 Seventh floor: penthouse suites
 second floor plans


Take a step back in time into the old Brazilian coffee storage warehouse where coffee was temporarily sheltered after leaving one world and before entering another. Similarly tourists seek shelter while temporarily between two worlds, home and adventure. Inside the hotel room should be comfortable while round the hotel rooms is an adventure of the past atmosphere. Leave the old structure of the building as it is and insert a new space frame structure on the roof of the old. The new structure is supported by a new foundation. Hotel rooms are staggered along the same route of movement that the coffee originally had in and out the building. A narrow shaft cut into the centre of the building visually links the new top level public functions with the public ground floor level and allow for natural light into the centre of the building. A choice for a contrast between old and new is chosen in the design. However the new facade still exposes an industrial system for solar heating of water in the pipes before the water is further heated for underfloor heating.

 penthouse floor plans


Begin with a cultural value assessment and building degredation assessment. Define spatial concept, structural principal and sustainability strategy.

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