G. Deconstruction

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We propose a spatial plan which super-imposes the kitchen and the restaurant seating area on top of each other in a contemporary manner. The result is multifunctional use of space, social confrontation between hotel staff and guests and lastly paying tribute to van Klingeren though structure and space. All produce and waste in the restaurant is grown and processed on site.

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Landgoed Ockenburg, The Hague

four themes


The Carousel is a fun fair turnaround machine with things that children / adults can ride on. The carousel is also the name given to the special machine which was found in the original Ockenburg Youth hostel kitchen to serve food to guests. In this kitchen we want both staff and visitor to be part of the flows of activities for food inside this tunnel shaped building. We choose this instead of having the staff and visitors being on separate ends of the carousel where only the dishes flow around. The flowing, up and down, spontaneity, action and reaction between people is what we aim for in the new kitchen.

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Lessons learnt

Understand the reuse possibility of existing building materials for constructing new architectural designs. Design the full lifecycle of building materials. Understand the powerful benefits of reusing building material for preserving material embodied energy.

four themes four themes four themes four themes

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